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Never The Bride: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…

September 3rd, 2012

There’s a fantastic photo of Toyah, with Never The Bride’s Nikki and Been at last week’s ‘Manchester Pride’, over at the band’s website. Click below to visit.

Manchester Pride 2012: News Briefs

August 30th, 2012

A few newsy bits on Toyah’s Manchester Pride PA. There was a very large crowd for Toyah headlining the Women’s Stage at Sackville Gardens (Alison Moyet was the Main Stage headliner) and after the gig Toyah chatted to, and was photographed with, fans at the artist’s gate.

• Toyah tweeted: “Manchester Pride was excellent. Great crowd & so friendly & welcoming. I Loved it.”

• A lot of footage from Toyah’s set have been uploaded to You Tube. Highlights include, the previously mentioned, Thunder In The Mountains, It’s A Mystery, I Want To Be Free and Echo Beach.

• There’s also a 17 minute upload of Toyah’s performance. View here.

• The photos I’ve posted here over the last few days will be added to Dreamscape’s Gallery soon. View all of our Toyah at Manchester Pride news.

Thanks to Paul Lomas and Paul Cable for the photos, videos and info!!

Toyah Live 2012: Manchester Pride by Paul Cable

August 28th, 2012

Great photos of Toyah onstage, and off, at Manchester Pride on Sunday night. Toyah is with Paul Cable and Paul Lomas. Please click below to view larger. (Thanks to Paul Cable)

Manchester Pride 2012: Thunder In The Mountains

August 28th, 2012

A great clip of a fantastic looking Toyah performing Thunder In The Mountains at ‘Manchester Pride’. It’s A Mystery has also been uploaded. (Thanks to Paul Lomas)

Toyah Live 2012: Manchester Pride by Paul Lomas

August 27th, 2012

Toyah headlined the Women’s Stage yesterday at ‘Manchester Pride 2012′. The set list was: Echo Beach, Thunder In The Mountains, Rebel Yell, It’s A Mystery, I Love Rock N’ Roll, I Want To Be Free, Sweet Child O Mine. (Thanks to Paul Lomas for the photos & info)

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Toyah News Briefs

August 20th, 2012

• Toyah plays Manchester Pride this coming Bank Holiday weekend. She headlines the Women’s Stage at Sackville Gardens on Sunday. View more info here.

Heart Shaped!: Check out Toyah’s unique tomato at Twitter.

Sugar Rush: Toyah & Robert Fripp: Read a great article about Robert at The Humans’ Fansite.

Invisible Guy Recommends: Toyah: Danced: Even though I believe the live-version is better, I just have to recommend the studio-version of the song Danced by Toyah. Featured on her debut-album Sheep Farming In Barnet.

Official Toyah: More Live Dates Announced

April 2nd, 2012

More new gigs, festivals and PAs for Toyah have been confirmed by the official website.

Toyah plays the ‘Decades Festival’ in Workington on Saturday 26th May, a return to ‘Blackpool Pride’, with a live PA at the North Pier Theatre, on Saturday 9th June. There’s also a return to ‘Manchester Pride’, headlining the Women’s Stage at Sackville Gardens on Sunday 26th August.

• All the details are available on the Gigs page at