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Toyah At Home: Episode #5

July 19th, 2020

Brave New World was song of the week on the fifth episode of Toyah At Home, which aired at Toyah’s official You Tube channel yesterday.

Toyah performed a live version of the iconic 1982 single and also discussed the song and the album it is included on, The Changeling.

There was a cameo appearance from Robert at the beginning of the episode. Toyah also talked about what her 1980 self would ask her today; anything she would do differently in her early career; an alternative career; her bucket list; writing new songs; Quadrophenia and what Monkey would have been doing 40 years later; the (non Toyah) song that inspired passion in her; the iconic artwork, make-up and photo shoots; and the TV play Little Girls Don’t.

• Click below to watch/re-watch Toyah At Home: Episode #5, which closes with an archive live performance of I Explode

Toyah Timeline | 1979(?): Little Girls Don’t

April 23rd, 2012

Timeline wise this one is slightly tricky. Little Girls Don’t, made by ‘ITV Playhouse’, looks like it could have been filmed in either 1977 or ’78, but the credited date on the programme is 1980. To confuse matters more this didn’t air until March 1981. I’m plonking it in 1979 for now…