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Toyah News Briefs

August 10th, 2012

• A previously unseen photo of Toyah and Nick Heyward, taken at the Let’s Rock The Moor 2012 festival in May of this year, was tweeted by the organisers this week. View it here. It’s similar to another photo, released at the time of the concert. (Photo © Let’s Rock The Moor)

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The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive: Read a full transcript of Toyah’s ‘BBC Radio WM’ interview.

• Toyah headlines the Women’s Stage at Manchester Pride 2012 later this month. View Toyah content at their website here. here and here.

Glow Magazine: Let’s Rock The Moor

July 2nd, 2012

A photo of Toyah is included in a new article, on May’s ‘Let’s Rock The Moor’ festival, from Glow Magazine.


Sometimes, you hear a song and in a flash it takes to to a special time or place. Like an aural photograph, you can close your eyes and remember every detail. Since the early eighties, when I started getting into music, the best times were school disco’s, recording the charts on your tape recorder and spending pocket money on 7″ singles. Each song had its own memory.

Take a small village in Berkshire, 7500 party-goers and 8 of the biggest bands of the 80′s, and you end up with a huge melting pot of memories. My memory’s burst into life with Toyah, so many memories through the whole of the 80′s.

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Bucks Free Press: Record 6,000 Crowd Pack Out Cookham Festival

May 15th, 2012

A record crowd of 6,000 packed into the heart of Cookham for an eighties rock festival.

Let’s Rock the Moor, which took place on Saturday, was sold out.

The event, which began in 2009, attracted its biggest crowd yet with headliners Billy Ocean, Heaven 17, Toyah and Go West singing to 6,500 people on a brand new site at Marsh Meadow. Organiser Nick Billinghurst said: “The crowds were fantastic, full of energy. It was mostly local people from Cookham, Maidenhead, Marlow, Wycombe, so everyone was very well behaved. Toyah actually called them a posh crowd.”

• Continue reading at Bucks Free Press. (Photos © Bucks Free Press)

Maidenhead Advertiser: Sun Shines For Let’s Rock The Moor!

May 14th, 2012

Singing legend Billy Ocean serenaded nearly 7,000 people in Cookham on Saturday at the biggest Let’s Rock the Moor! festival to date.

The sell-out event attracted its largest crowd ever, with 6,500 tickets snapped up and a brand new site set up on Marsh Meadow to fit everyone in.

It was headlined by Eighties icon Ocean, who performed hits including Caribbean Queen and Love Really Hurts Without You to a crowd of all ages.

Children’s TV favourites Pat Sharp and Dave Benson Phillips shared presenting duties at the event, introducing acts such as Toyah, Boney M and Heaven 17.

Rain stayed away from the festival, which is now in its fourth year, and families enjoyed a range of food and drink as well as plenty of attractions for children.

Proceeds are expected to exceed £20,000; the majority of which will be split between two main charities which fit in with its family feel.

(All photos © Maidenhead Advertiser)

Brave New World: Live @ Let’s Rock The Moor!

May 14th, 2012

In it’s 30th birthday week… and the “album version” too. Take a bow ‘Brave New World’, and Toyah, live at Let’s Rock The Moor 2012 in Cookham.

Maidenhead Advertiser: Let’s Rock The Moor 2012, Cookham

May 14th, 2012

Thousands of Eighties music fans descended on Cookham on Saturday to see the likes of Billy Ocean and Toyah play Let’s Rock The Moor.  The event, now in its fourth year, was held on Marsh Meadow and all 6,500 tickets sold out.

• Continue reading, and view their gallery, here. Read a review of the concert here.

Let’s Rock The Moor 2012: Photos

May 13th, 2012

More photos from ‘Let’s Rock The Moor’. These, and more, have been added to Dreamscape’s 2010 – gallery. (Thanks, once again, to Angus Turner for his excellent photos)

Let’s Rock The Moor 2012: Photo’s/Set List

May 13th, 2012

A couple of photos, and that set list again, from yesterday’s concert. (Thanks again to Angus)

Let’s Rock The Moor 2012: Set List

May 13th, 2012

Yesterday’s ‘Let’s Rock The Moor 2012’ one-day festival was a roaring success, with a crowd of almost 7000 attending. Toyah’s great set list was: Good Morning Universe, Thunder In The Mountains, Brave New World, Echo Beach, It’s A Mystery, Rebel Run, I Want To Be Free (Thanks to Angus Turner). Photos soon. View all of our ‘LRTM’ news here.

The Humans/Toyah News Briefs

May 12th, 2012

• Sanctuary Music Presents: The Humans: Live, Up Close & Personal: Sanctuary’s promotional poster/flyer for The Humans’ July 2012 dates. View a larger version here.

The Press Association: BBC Celebrates Birth Of Punk: Never mind the Jubilee, here’s a punk season … the BBC is to celebrate the birth of a musical revolution with a series of programmes on radio and TV.

• There’s less than a week to go until Toyah’s birthday. In the past Dreamscape always celebrated Toyah’s special day by bringing you a rarity or three from the archives, and why break a tradition? Please do look! back hear! on May 18th for something just a little bit groovy :)

• Thanks to some amazingly loyal Toyah fans, who have stuck by Dreamscape since the very beginning, for the lovely messages over the last week or so. Despite having a degree in Marketing (yuk!) I never really thought, or think, in the terms of “Brand Dreamscape”, as someone suggested I should. I do agree, though, that it’s not a great idea that everything should revolve around Facebook or social networks in general. It is a fantastic way to communicate news immediately but great bands and artists should always be represented by at least a couple of independent/non official websites… FTE will stay, as I think it works well having a seperate site/url for a news (yes, and trivia/occasional nonsense) resource, but there may be a sporadic update or two to Dreamscape’s Gallery (one possibly quite soon!). In archive status the site is still as busy as it was when “active”.

• Toyah plays Let’s Rock The Moor 2012 this afternoon. It’s been officially confirmed Toyah is onstage at 4pm. Great weather up here today, here’s hoping it’s the same for Toyah and all the other bands in Cookham, Berkshire…

Toyah @ Twitter: Albums, Guitars & Rebel Running!

May 11th, 2012

Interesting tweets from Toyah over the last couple of days. Aside from the tantalising (sorry, I hate that word too lol) “Crimson Queen 2” one earlier, last night Toyah tweeted a fantastic photo along with the message: “Just picked my guitar up 4 first time in 20 yrs! Bit rusty, but written UP 4 the Humans“.

Today, via another tweet, Toyah revealed ‘Rebel Run’ will be part of the Let’s Rock The Moor 2012 set tomorrow: “”its just a power game” Just rehearsing Rebel Run 4 Let’s Rock The Moor“.

Let’s Rock The Moor 2012: “All Toyah Classics”

May 10th, 2012

Toyah’s official Facebook confirmed yesterday that Toyah’s set, at this Saturday’s Let’s Rock The Moor 2012, “is all Toyah classics”. Great news for fans attending.

Toyah tweeted: “Weather 4 saturday 15• & sunny. Yipee! Let’s Rock The Moor. I might wear summer clothes at last“.

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Toyah Live 2012: May Gigs

May 9th, 2012

The three remaining Saturdays, and final Sunday, of May see Toyah playing three festivals and a live PA in various parts of the country.

This Saturday is Let’s Rock The Moor 2012, an Eighties festival in Cookham, Berkshire. Other bands include Heaven 17, China Crisis and Nick Heyward. This is a full band gig.

On Saturday 19th May Toyah appears at The Stroke Association’s 20th Anniversary Ball in County Durham. The information on this that was previously available at TSA’s website has been removed. There was a tweet yesterday advising that only one table was still available, so this possibly means the fundraiser has now sold out.

On Saturday 26th May Toyah plays another festival. Decades in Workington, Cumbria. This is another PA and Toyah will play at Club Ice, headlining the Saturday night of the event.

There’s another full band gig the following night: The ‘Here and Now’ Weekender at Minehead. Toyah is headlining the final night, Sunday 27th May. Visit the official Gigs page at for more details on all these dates and many others.

Let’s Rock The Moor 2012

May 4th, 2012

The ‘Let’s Rock The Moor 2012’ website has been given a colourful 80stastic makeover! Toyah plays “The Family Friendly 80’s Festival” in Cookham, Berkshire a week tomorrow.

Toyah News Briefs

May 4th, 2012

• I’ve (or should I say Falling To Earth has) taken the leap to Twitter. Not sure why. Except that I wanted to follow @toyahofficial :)

The Blitz Kids: Toyah 1980 by Gerard McNamara. A classic live shot from the, legendary, ‘Ieya Tour’.

• Some great live shots of Toyah that the photographer doesn’t seem pleased with!

• Toyah at The Ruby Lounge: Photo #1 and photo #2 (courtesy of Man Alive! at flickr). – new website coming soon.

• The running order for Let’s Rock The Moor (Saturday 12th May): 3.20pm: Nick Heyward, 4.10pm: Toyah, 5pm: Modern Romance, 5.50pm: Boney M, 6.55pm: Heaven 17, 7.55pm: Go West, 8.55pm: Billy Ocean. (Subject to change: Source: Lets Rock The Moor Twitter)

• Why have a mere t-shirt when you can have a Toyah Harrington? Take a look.

• Toyah is mentioned in The Digital Fix review of Doctor Who: Ace Adventures DVD box set. (Someone needs to tell them that “Toyah wigs” are back!)

• The UK Top 40 on the day that ‘Four From Toyah’ entered. Many of those singles bring back many memories… (Thanks to PJ)

Maidenhead Advertiser: Let’s Rock Could Raise £20k For Charities

April 22nd, 2012

Thousands will be raised for disadvantaged children at a fundraising Eighties concert next month. Let’s Rock the Moor, on Saturday, May 12 is set to be the second biggest Eighties event in the country, with the proceeds going to worthy causes.

The line up includes Billy Ocean, Go West, Heaven 17, Toyah and Modern Romance, and will be hosted by Pat Sharp. Tickets are £24 for adults and £14 for children aged three to 12. Visit for details.

• Continue reading, at the ‘Maidenhead Advertiser’, here.

Toyah News Briefs

April 11th, 2012

• A Tale Of Two Anthems: The ‘what’s new’ section of Spotify keeps displaying an album called Anthem by somebody called Desolation Angels, with a strangely familiar cover. It reminded me of something… View this interesting article at ‘Skuds’ Sister’s Brother’ blog.

• View a short article on Brum at the, quite brilliant, ‘Retro Rambling’ blog, “A joyride through our slightly ridiculous though memorable past”

• ‘The Telegraph’ included ‘Let’s Rock The Moor 2012’ in its “Top 100 Music Festivals: April – September 2012” on Monday: Not so much rockin’ the moor as inundating it with hits of the mid-Eighties. View here.

• Toyah is included in the ‘Heart’ Who’s On Heart: “Wrong Guesses – Women Pt 2” gallery. View here.

Rock & Bike/Let’s Rock The Moor: Festival News

April 4th, 2012

The official flyer for the ‘Rock & Bike Festival 2012’. Please click on it to view a larger version. Toyah’s non-music appearance, she will be compering, at the July festival was confirmed officially at the weekend. Another “festival” update: ‘Absolute Radio’ are currently airing an advert for ‘Let’s Rock The Moor 2012’. Toyah plays this event on Saturday 12th May in Berkshire. Full details of all upcoming live dates at the official Gigs page.

Toyah News Briefs

April 2nd, 2012

Maidenhead Advertiser: Let’s Rock The Moor: Family support charity to benefit: Families in need are set to benefit from a fundraising music festival in Cookham this summer. Proceeds from Let’s Rock the Moor, on Saturday, May 12, will raise money for the Link Foundation. This year’s line up includes Billy Ocean, Go West, Heaven 17, Toyah and Modern Romance, and will be hosted by Pat Sharp. Continue reading here.

• View photos of Toyah “at home” in 2010, by ‘Jamie Hughes Photography’, here and here.

Many Happy Returns to Chris Wong. It’s his birthday today! (Thanks to Sugar Rush: The

• Not exactly earth-shattering news, but it is related to ‘The Changeling’ in “Changeling Month” :) Yesterday Toyah was mentioned in a question at Just Quiz: 23. What links a Jacobean tragedy, an Oscar nominated film starring Angelina Jolie and a 1982 album by Toyah?

Let’s Rock The Moor 2012: Updates

March 21st, 2012

It’s the official flyer for ‘Let’s Rock The Moor!’ Summer 2012, the one day festival that includes Toyah in its line-up.

‘Lets Rock The Moor!’, taking place in Cookham, Berkshire on Saturday 12th May, has also had more bands added. Nick Heyward and Modern Romance are both now also on the bill.

The festival’s website has also been updated. Visit it here. View a larger version of the official flyer here.

From the website: Let’s Rock The Moor! will be returning for its 4th year on Saturday May 12th, with an action packed day of live music at this Boutique, Family Friendly, 80’s Festival. Now relocated on to a much larger site, Billy Ocean, Go West, Heaven 17, Boney M, Toyah, Nick Heyward, China Crisis and Modern Romance are all confirmed. Set in the picturesque village of Cookham in Berkshire, this event has plenty to do for everyone!

Let’s Rock The Moor 2012: Win Tickets

March 21st, 2012

Win one of three Family Tickets to ‘Let’s Rock the Moor 2012’.

Let’s Rock The Moor! will be returning for its 4th year on Saturday May 12 with a massive 80’s line up and plenty to do for everyone! Families Online has three sets of family tickets to giveaway for this great event in Cookham.

Go here to enter the competition. Closing date – 9am April 10th 2012.