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The Bridge: Toyah Talks Lady Gaga Comparisons

April 30th, 2012

Toyah was interviewed on ‘The Bridge 102.5’ on Saturday morning on The Nick Alatti Show.

Nick asked Toyah about Lady Gaga and that some have said she was the forerunner to her. Toyah said: “If you look at something in a compartment, nothing is new. Lady Gaga is completely different to what I’m doing, but I was doing it 30 years ago. I suppose I’ve always used image to go hand in hand with my music. It’s important to me. The music compliments the imagery as well. It’s something I’ve always been interested in. I don’t go onstage in a little black dress or a demure little cocktail dress, I’ve always gone onstage and made a statement”.

Toyah also said that ‘The Changeling Resurrection’ tour was structured with “four day breaks” to enable her to be able to sing the songs with her voice in peak condition.

• Not sure if Lady Gaga has been influenced by Toyah’s visuals, I’d say the creative team working with Katy Perry have plundered Toyah’s visuals far more. Has to be said, though, that the intro vocals to Gaga’s Government Hooker do sound more Toyah than Toyah.

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