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Toyah Music 40: Ieya Tour (1980)

February 8th, 2019

toyah40aneFollowing The Resurrection Tour (1979), Sheep Farming In Barnet Tour (1979) and Bird In Flight Tour (1980) Toyah again hit the road, for the fourth time in just 18 months, for the Ieya Tour in the Spring and early Summer of 1980. The tour promoted the new album The Blue Meaning.

The band line-up was Toyah (Vocals), Joel Bogen (Guitar), Charlie Francis (Bass Guitar), Steve Bray (Drums), Pete Bush (Keyboards).

The Ieya Tour began at Tiffany’s, Glasgow on 25th May and culminated at Wolverhampton’s Lafayette Club on 17th June. A gig that was filmed and recorded for inclusion in the ATV documentary TOYAH, and the related live album Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!

The tour was an eventful one, with tales of water-pistol fights, Toyah injuring her ankle at Ruffles, Aberdeen, and even fans helping build the stage for the date at Bristol’s Factory. The largest gig of the month-long tour was at The Lyceum, London.


Ieya Tour 1980: Unity Hall, Wakefield

February 23rd, 2016

Toyah, Live at the Unity Hall, Wakefield, halfway through the Ieya UK Tour, on 6th June 1980 has recently been uploaded to You Tube. Toyah Willcox (Vocals), Joel Bogen (Guitar), Charlie Francis (Bass), Steve Bray (Drums), Pete Bush (Keyboards). Thanks to Duncan Round.


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