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Burnt Frowner: An Interview With Toyah Willcox

August 23rd, 2020

Toyah is interviewed, about creativity in lockdown, in the third digital issue of Burnt Frowner – The Chris Wade and Dodson & Fogg magazine. Read it here.

Toyah is someone I’ve always admired. She’s a proper artist in the truest sense, a wild creative spirit who has always stuck two fingers up to the face of convention. She’s a singer, artist, actress, producer, writer, TV personality – but just using those words doesn’t really do her justice. Yes she fits these descriptions, but she’s unique. She’s a pop icon, has been so for almost forty years, and she’s still selling tons of albums and playing sold out venues all over the world… well, when they’re open that is.

Despite years of fame, she still comes across as a creative spirit on the edge, an experimenter, a fearless individual defying expectations. She’s been in classic films like Jubilee and Quadrophenia, acted alongside the likes of Laurence Olivier on TV (in The Ebony Tower), scored hit singles across the world, achieved legendary status in the music business, influenced multiple generations of men and women alike, packed out venues all over the world, has maintained a high profile on TV for decades and been a mentor and role model for countless people.

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The Apple Picker, A Chris Wade Film

March 19th, 2017

applepicker17aToyah’s voice is heard in scripted dialogue in the new freely released Chris Wade film The Apple Picker.

Toyah fans will be familiar with the name Chris Wade as Toyah collaborated with him on the track Drinking From The Gun for the Dodson & Fogg album White House On The Hill.

A darkly comic surreal drama about an old man who, disjointed from the world around him, looks back upon his life, and the darkest corners of his psyche.

Featuring Jack Napier, Chris Wade, Shawn Dimery, Linzi Napier and Andy Wade. Also features voice work by legendary actors Toyah Willcox and Nigel Planer.

Chris Wade is an acclaimed writer, musician and filmmaker. He runs the cult music project Dodson and Fogg, releases comedy audiobooks (Cutey and the Sofaguard, narrated by Rik Mayall), fiction and non fictions books.

The film is free but if you enjoyed it, feel free to donate to the film’s tip jar to support the filmmaker.

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