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Chortle: Toyah Willcox Stars in New Film

December 2nd, 2016

chortle16aToyah Willcox stars in new film about an aspiring stand-up

Toyah Willcox is to appear in a new film about an aspiring comedian, written by playwright John Godber.

Filming has wrapped on dark comedy The Last Laugh, in which Nick Figgis portrays Martin, a theatre lecturer and would-be screenwriter who finds catharsis in performing stand-up when his wife discovers his affair and takes his family away.

Willcox (pictured above with Godber) is Pam, Martin’s ‘Judi Dench-like’ mother-in-law, a hugely successful actor of stage and screen – including sitcom – whom he yearns to impress.

Bouncers writer Godber makes his acting debut as Martin’s father, with his real-life wife Jane playing his onscreen spouse. Based on the writer’s 1997 play Weekend Breaks, the film cuts between Martin struggling to reconnect with his working-class parents in an isolated farmhouse in Whitby and him recounting the experience on stage.

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Chortle: Aaaaaaaah! Film Review

October 16th, 2015

chortle15aIn his directorial debut, Sightseers star Steve Oram delivers a remarkable film that satirises human behaviour with apeshit craziness.

Set in a superficially recognisable South London of semi-detached houses, football pitches and fashionable clothing boutiques, Aaaaaaaah! nevertheless offers an alternate reality that entirely eschews dialogue for primal grunts and gesticulations, with civilisation repeatedly shown to be a thin veneer over simian wildness.

Aaaaaaaah! features some dark and comically extreme sequences, but it’s not too aloof in its arthouse outlook. Plotwise, it’s essentially Romeo and Juliet.

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