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Birmingham Mail/Live: Birmingham Celebs & The Lockdown

April 26th, 2020

This is what Birmingham’s celebrities are doing at home during the coronavirus lockdown

Lady Leshurr, Jamelia, Richie Anderson and Toyah Willcox are among the list of Birmingham celebrities using social media to entertain the public during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of us may be struggling with boredom, home-schooling and working during self-isolation – but we are not alone. Birmingham’s celebrities are finding it tough too.

Punk icon Toyah Willcox, 61, has been busy dancing in her kitchen with husband Robert Fripp.

The performances have had thousands of fans tuning in each week. Dance routines that so far that have included the tango and the twist, can be seen every Sunday on the star’s Twitter page.

The singer and actress has also updated her website with ten top tips filled with ideas of how to spend your time during lockdown.

Some of the star’s creative ways of looking after yourself in quarantine include checking your posture, avoiding sweets, and cooking.

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Birmingham Live: Toyah @ The Institute Library

October 28th, 2014

birmlive14aToyah Willcox is one of those performers who seems to be in the public eye but these days is never quite as much in our faces in the way she used to be. Known more these days for TV appearances and her acting it’s easy to forget that she took that acting talent onto the music scene to establish herself as one of the most intense performers to have survived the 1970s UK punk scene.

Tonight she lived up to that reputation from the moment she came on stage exploding into the energy of All In A Rage, her voice still perfect, and making it plain that she was the star here and the focus. She took to the front with her band in darkness against the back line to emphasise her presence. The crowd was here to see her and she was not about to disappoint them.

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