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Digital Spy: I Salute Toyah!

January 15th, 2014

splash14mAnna Williamson pays tribute to her Splash! pal Toyah in her “Showbiz Peek at the Week” column at Digital Spy.

…However, it was the lovely Toyah Willcox who after pulling off a spectacular inward dive tuck off the 5-meter board, gave me a run for my money for a place in the semi-finals.

By the skin of my teeth I ‘won’ the ‘splash-off’ and I’m incredibly grateful to have been put through to the next round, but I must say it was rather bittersweet as Toyah is not only a wonderfully talented and gracious lady, she was also my fellow girly training partner – I’ll miss her chirpy banter next week when it’s back to the swimming pool.

For a woman in her 50s with a hip replacement to have achieved what she did on Saturday night I think is truly inspiring. Toyah, I salute you!

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