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Vampires Rock 10: Steinman Talks Toyah

September 12th, 2013


It’s Vampires Rock‘s 10th anniversary. In a newly published interview Steve Steinman, who created and stars in the show, talks about the last 10 years and also pays tribute to the Devil Queen herself!

The show has attracted some famous names in its time on tour too, in 2007 Eddie Ojeda of hit rock band, Twisted Sister, played guitar in the show, and he was followed by Toyah Willcox, who toured in the show for two years as the Devil Queen, the long suffering wife of Baron Von Rockula.

Steinman says: “Toyah wanted to be in the show but there wasn’t a suitable character for her to play so we wrote one specially. Toyah was great; she introduced the show to a new audience. I remember in one of our first meetings we were discussing what type of costumes we would design for her and she said ‘Oh don’t worry darling, I’ve got the perfect thing in my wardrobe already’ – that was Toyah, she was made to be in a show like this!”

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