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Rolling Stone: 25 Greatest Punk Rock Movies of All Time

August 22nd, 2016

jubilee12cFrom U.K.-to-L.A. scene rockumentaries to riot-grrl portraits and the Ramones’ fictional alma mater, our favorite portrayals of punk on screen

10. ‘Jubilee’ (1978)

It’s been called “the first punk film,” but Derek Jarman’s 1978 feature turns the subculture’s oppositional stance back on itself: It’s like a guerrilla Shakespeare production staged in a mosh pit. While the Sex Pistols sneered at Queen Elizabeth II, Jarman cast his lot with the original Her Majesty E., who travels through time to a dystopian Britain ruled by roving gangs. Appearances by Adam Ant, the Slits and Siouxsie and the Banshees, along with U.S. trans icon Jayne County, ground it in the moment, but Jarman’s suggestion that even the most vocal nihilists would sell out their ideals — if given enough encouragement, naturally — provided a glimpse of the future. SA

• Continue reading at Rolling Stone. Earlier this year Jubilee also featured in Dazed‘s “The Best Feminist Punk Films Of The Last 50 years”.

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