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Christmas Countdown: Once Upon A Christmas

December 7th, 2015

ouac11aChristmas 1996, Toyah contributed a recollection of childhood Christmasses to the charity publication ‘Once Upon A Christmas’ – Memories and Recipes From Your Favourite Celebrities. This book is now out of print.

In this delightful Christmas book, a host of our most popular and well-known celebrities from all walks of life have contributed stories, memories, recipes and thoughts about Christmas to make this the most irresistible festive anthology there is… Once Upon A Christmas will help to put – and keep – you in the Christmas spirit.

Toyah Willcox: Broadcaster and Singer

Childhood Christmasses were the most magical.

It was the appearance of the Christmas tree that cued two weeks of sheer all-encompassing joy. I’m talking about being four years old. Just able to talk but unable to comprehend the hidden meanings of the words of wisdom from the giants, the adults…

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