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Top Of The Pops: 1983 – Rebel Run

April 20th, 2018

Top Of The Pops: BBC4: Wednesday 2nd May: 1am
22.09.1983. Simon Bates and Mike Read present the pop chart programme, first broadcast in September 1983. Featuring Toyah Willcox, David Bowie, Nick Heyward, The Alarm, Howard Jones and Hot Chocolate.

• Visit the BBC Top Of The Pops website. Click below for Dreamscape’s Rebel Run (and other Love Is The Law) lyrics.


Love Is The Law Lyrics: Remember

October 17th, 2013

Dreamscape is compiling Love Is The Law – The Complete Lyrics. We’ve reached the penultimate song on the album – the brilliant Remember, co-written by Toyah, Joel Bogen and Simon Darlow. Click below to visit the LITL – The Complete Lyrics page.


LITL Month: Updates for the next week, beginning today, are “scheduled”. Live updates, including a news catch-up on the tour etc., will resume at the end of next week.

LITL Lyrics: Love Is The Law

October 8th, 2013

Dreamscape is compiling Love Is The Law – The Complete Lyrics. We’ve reached the eighth song on the album – the rowsing and anthemic title track Love Is The Law, co-written by Toyah, Joel Bogen, Simon Darlow and Phil Spalding. Click below to visit the LITL – The Complete Lyrics page.


LITL Songwords: Time Is Ours

September 17th, 2013

‘Dreamscape’ has always been one of my favourite Toyah songs, hence the title of this website, but listening to the Love Is The Law album over the last year, I think ‘Time Is Ours’ has overtaken it. Thus I thought it deserved a little preferential treatment when doing the songwords – Think of it as a double-pager :)


• I haven’t forgotten about ‘Dreamscape’ – The songwords from last year are here. I was going to redo it to fit the theme of The Complete LITL Lyrics page, though possibly not as ‘Time Is Ours’, above, differs too.

SAOTW Lyrics/Songwords: Freedom

September 22nd, 2012

Another songwords! The stunning ‘Freedom’ from the, highly underrated, 1991 album ‘Kneeling At The Shrine’ by Sunday All Over The World. Please click below to zoom.

Toyah Lyrics/Songwords: Pop Star

September 20th, 2012

I’ve been thinking of doing some more occasional Toyah songwords/lyrics pages (inspired, of course, by Smash Hits & No.1). A good one to restart with: The magnificent Pop Star from ‘Anthem’. Click below to zoom. More Songwords: The Changeling and Four More From Toyah.

Random Toyah Songwords

July 12th, 2012

Previously available, and definitely worth another look! Random Toyah songwords: Sphinx; Dreamscape; Lion of Symmetry; Symbiotic. Please click on each to view larger versions.

Also available: The complete songwords for Four More From Toyah, and The Changeling (+ Paradise Child). Plus the ‘From Sheep Farming To Anthem’ set: Computer; Elusive Stranger; Bird in Flight; Blue Meanings; Love Me; Obsolete; For You.

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