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BBC Radio Scotland: The Friday Afternoon Show – Toyah Interview

April 27th, 2020

Toyah was interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland’s The Friday Afternoon Show on, yes, Friday.

Golden Girls is set to come back on our screens next week, so we reminisce about this classic 80’s comedy with Rachel McCormack. As part of BBC Radio Scotland’s Make A Difference campaign, we hear what support is available to Scotland’s children and young people thanks to those at Young Scot.

Nicola chats with 80’s icon Toyah Willcox all about that infamous Top of the Pop performance and how she became the voice of childhood for millions of kids.

We know how tricky life is just now for some, perhaps none more so than those currently battling or living with cancer. One woman who understands more than most is STV’s Entertainment Reporter, Laura Boyd who has been living with leukaemia. She joins us to tell us about her new initiative – Beat It Choir. And Nicola brings you another in depth On The Record conversation, this week featuring Gary Clark on Mary’s Prayer.

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