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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

January 17th, 2013

• Toyah’s appearance on last night’s Channel 4 News saw an increase in visitors to Dreamscape, certainly our busiest day for a while. Unfortunately a high-profile appearance also brings out the keypad warriors of Twitter, questioning whether Toyah was “punk”. There’s something slightly hilarious about people associated with punk nitpicking about who was more punk! Wasn’t that the sort of petty, elitist, judgemental way of thinking punk was fighting against?

You Tube: Fart For Your Rights: Toyah tweeted on Monday: “Take note, my hubby’s response to no royalty payments“.

You TubeIt’s A Mystery and I Want To Be Free – Acoustic covers of two Toyah classics by Danny McEvoy.

This is Sussex: Go on and have a bit of a laugh this year: The Hormonal Housewives are back, and this time they mean business.

WS County Times: Comedy classics at the Hawth: The Hormonal Housewives are back, plus this time Toyah Willcox takes on a leading role.

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