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Toyah News Briefs

May 29th, 2012

• Tweeted, by Producers, earlier this afternoon. A photo of Trevor Horn with Toyah, Janice Long and Paul Sexton at today’s recording of The Janice Long Review Show for ‘Vintage TV’. Producers are the band that includes Trevor and Lol Creme as members. (Photo © Producers)

• As well as taking great photos of Toyah, and this evening adding a review of her PA to their website, Music Mafia UK will soon be publishing an interview with Toyah too.

• As we previously mentioned, Nottingham Contemporary are showing Jubilee next week, in celebration of, what would have been, Derek Jarman’s 70th birthday. Read a new, and interesting, article on Jarman, by John Leighton, at the Nottingham Contemporary website.

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