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The Telegraph: How I Stood Up To BBC Gropers

October 18th, 2012

Pop Star Toyah Willcox: How I stood up to BBC gropers in the Eighties

Toyah Willcox, the pop star, says she stood up to the men sexually assaulting girls at the BBC in the Eighties.

As the list of women who claim to have been subjected to unwelcome male attention at the BBC seems to lengthen daily, Toyah Willcox insists that she at least made it clear that she was having none of it.

“You either had to stand up to it or play into it,” the feisty 54-year-old pop star informs me at Annabel’s nightclub, where Nicholas Coleridge was launching his novel The Adventuress. “I’m feisty, I always have been, even then. I was deemed quite old at 20, among men, and that probably saved my bacon, in a way. You knew, in any case, that there were certain men that you shouldn’t be alone with.”

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