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The Humans & Toyah: American Stories

September 22nd, 2011

US music journalist, writer and huge Toyah supporter, Jimi Lalumia interviewed Toyah last week ahead of The Humans’ US shows.

Jimi was instrumental in getting ‘Thunder In The Mountains’ and ‘Rebel Run’ played, in light rotation, on MTV back in the early 80s. He told Toyah about this and she said she was completely unaware of it. MTV’s Acquisition’s Manager at the time, Roberta Kruger, loved the videos and there was even talk of Toyah being interviewed for the music station. A missed opportunity but the video plays did help to build what became The North American Toyah Fanclub.

Toyah revealed that the band had been set to play The Academy Of Music on 14th Street in downtown NYC around the time of ‘The Changeling’ being released in 1982, but unfortunately this didn’t happen.

Jimi and Toyah also talked about Safari Records, Wayne/Jayne County, Miles Copeland and that ‘Fallen’ could be a hit in Manhattan’s “big gay dance clubs”.

Toyah feels ‘Sugar Rush’ is more accessible than ‘We Are The Humans’ and is looking forward to playing the US dates. She also said she would love to return for a Toyah proper gig, if only in NYC.

• Thanks to Jimi Lalumia | Visit The Humans’ Official website, here, for details on all the dates of the ‘Sugar Rush’ tour.

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