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The Humans: Sugar Rush

July 29th, 2011

The finalised cover artwork for the second album by The Humans, ‘Sugar Rush‘, tweeted by Toyah yesterday.

The twelve-track LP, produced by Humans band member Bill Rieflin, includes the songs Sweet Agitation, Fragment Pool, Put A Woman On The Moon and the title track, all of which were previewed live on The Humans’ February 2010 UK tour. Sugar Rush was recorded in the UK and features guest guitar on all tracks by Robert Fripp.

Details of the album release will be announced on www.thehumansofficial.com soon. In the meantime preview clips of four tracks from the album can be heard in the Multimedia section of the website.

1. Titanium Girl; 2. Love In A Different Way; 3. Sea Of Size; 4. Pebble; 5. Small Town Psychopath; 6. Sweet Agitation; 7. Playing In The Dark; 8. Snow At 10:23; 9. Sugar Rush; 10. This Reasoning; 11. Fragment Pool; 12. Put A Woman On The Moon

• Information from The Humans Official website | Visit here.

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