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The Gazette: Cult Film Stars Line Up To Meet Fans In Resort

October 24th, 2015

quad12aBesides a bevy of Bond girl beauties, cast members from classic British movie Quadrophenia will be lining up to meet fans at Blackpool’s Viva cabaret venue tomorrow. In the ‘biggest cast reunion’ to date, the likes of Toyah, John Altman – perhaps now best known as EastEnders’ Nasty Nick Cotton, and Gary Shail will be chatting about the days gone by.

The 1979 British film, loosely based on the 1973 rock opera of the same name by The Who, made stars of a whole generation of young actors who went on to great things, with Phil Daniels and Ray Winstone leading the way.

Gary Shail, who played Spider, helped get together the Mods and Rockers crowd attending the charity Our Disappearing Planet’s first Charity Autograph Convention at the Blackpool night spot – which will also play host to a bevy of Bond girls, plus stars of the silver and small screens.

“We don’t get together too often, although we see each other as separate events, but this is probably the biggest grouping for a long time,” he said. “And a lot of people are coming who have never done a Quadrophenia reunion, so it should be really good.”

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