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The Birmingham Press: Breaking Point

November 19th, 2014

Hazel O’Connor recalls the famous Rainbow Theatre gig with The Stranglers from 1980 in a new interview at The Birmingham Press.

You’re touring with Hugh Cornwell now; he’s seen as a distinguished elder statesman of the music business which is a long way removed from the time you played a gig for him when he was in prison for drug possession.

“That was a night. The Stranglers were due to play the Rainbow but with Hugh in prison a few of us replaced him as singer, or rather tried to, because Hugh’s irreplaceable. Myself an Toyah did couple of songs, that was when I did Hanging Around for the first time. We were singing backing vocals on Peaches with Ian Dury singing. Toyah was dancing round the stage as she always does while Ian was scrabbling around on the floor trying to pick his hat up which she’d knocked off. Robert Smith was playing guitar as well, in his pre-make up days. I wish someone could find footage of it.

“It wasn’t so good for Hugh though – he was in prison for something he might not have been charged for now. The authorities were making an example of someone famous.”

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Toyah, Hazel, Ian Dury & The Stranglers (1980)

September 5th, 2012

Five more amazing, and rare, photos, featuring three icons: Toyah, Hazel O’Connor and Ian Dury. These are from the April 1980 gig by The Stranglers at The Rainbow Theatre, London. View our other related posts here. View the full versions of the photos below at Dreamscape’s Gallery. I’d like to dedicate these great photos to Alec Kelly! (Thanks again to Andi)

Toyah, Hazel & Ian Dury (1980)

August 30th, 2012

Another great shot from The Stranglers’ 1980 gig. Toyah and Hazel O’Connor along with, the legendary, Ian Dury. What a great moment! Even more of these photos will be added to Dreamscape’s Gallery soon. (Thanks again to Andi)

Toyah, Hazel & The Stranglers (1980): More Photos

August 28th, 2012

More photos of Toyah onstage at The Rainbow in April 1980. She was one of a number of guest vocalists who appeared with the band at the gig while Hugh Cornwell was in prison. Others included Hazel O’Connor, Robert Smith, Ian Dury, Wilko Johnson and Richard Jobson. View larger versions at Dreamscape’s 1980 Gallery. (Thanks to Andi for these rare photos)

Toyah, Hazel & The Stranglers (1980)

August 25th, 2012

A very rare photo of Toyah and Hazel O’Connor onstage with The Stranglers at The Rainbow, London in April 1980.  More of these great photos soon. (Huge thanks to Andi)