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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

February 14th, 2013

The Guardian: From Rock’s Backpages: Toyah is namechecked in a newly published retro article at ‘The Guardian’: Neil Tennant on the 1985 Brits – a classic feature from the vaults: The Brits are coming! We’re marking the annual bunfest by reliving Neil Tennant’s visit to the 1985 ceremony for Smash Hits, courtesy of Rock’s Backpages – the world’s leading archive of vintage music journalism… Photographers are in a frenzy in the foyer snapping anyone remotely famous, like Bob Geldof and Paula Yates, Howard and Jan Jones, Meat Loaf, Toyah …

The Brit Awards: Check out Toyah in the “History” section of The Brits website.

Media Molecule: On Tuesday evening Google News were listing that over 100 online articles were currently mentioning Toyah and ‘It’s A Mystery’ in relation to the Media Molecule teaser game page. Even the IMDb got in on the action.

Birmingham Post: Star names of stage and screen pay tribute to 100-year-old Birmingham Rep – Another press report on the Birmingham Rep’s Centenary.

Digital Spy: Media Molecule Teases New Game With Toyah Video

February 12th, 2013

Another report on the Media Molecule story, this one also published yesterday by, the mighty, Digital Spy.

Media Molecule teases mystery new game announcement with Toyah video

Media Molecule is teasing a mystery new game announcement on its website. Under the games section of the Media Molecule site, the LittleBigPlanet developer has a page marked with a question mark. Clicking on the question mark launches a YouTube video of Toyah song ‘It’s a Mystery’.

With Sony expected to unveil the PlayStation 4 on February 20, Media Molecule’s mystery game could be a next-generation release.

• Continue reading at Digital Spy.

Media Molecule/It’s A Mystery: Newsy Bits!

February 12th, 2013

Who would have thought a few days ago that ‘It’s A Mystery’ would be being mentioned all over the internet this week? Media Molecule using Toyah’s, second, Top Of The Pops appearance from 1981 on their “teaser” page for a new, highly anticipated, game project has led to mention of the song, and Toyah going sorta “viral”. Here are a few more of the many websites reporting the story:

Gamezone: The new project is listed as “?”, and the dedicated page contains a YouTube video of Toyah Willcox singing “It’s a Mystery.” Attempting to scour the source code for any hints, Media Molecule has cleverly teased the keywords: “what are we doing at the moment, exactly, mystery, new game, how awesome will it be?, who knows.”

Gameranx: In place of further information about what the game entails (or whether it’s a game or not at all), right now all they’ve posted is a video of early 80s UK New Wave artist Toyah singing her song “It’s A Mystery” on a classic episode of Top Of The Pops.

Video Gamer: Click through to the game and you are greeted with a YouTube embed of Toyah Wilcox hit ‘”It’s a Mystery”. It sure is.

Playstation Universe: The developer behind the critically-acclaimed LittleBigPlanet series has seemingly posted up a teaser for a new project. Media Molecule’s official website notably includes a ‘?’ among its list of games, with the page linking to a clip from Toyah’s ‘It’s a Mystery.’ No further information is given.

Warp Zoned: The list of games on the developer’s website includes their previous titles as well as a question mark. The question mark links to the music video for “It’s A Mystery,” a minor hit for the UK band Toyah in 1981. Sadly, the lyrics aren’t much help: It’s a mystery, oh, it’s a mystery, I’m still searching for a clue, It’s a mystery to me, A shot in the dark, The big question mark in history, Is it a mystery to you? (minor hit? It was huge Warped Zone ;))

It’s A Mystery: Media Molecule Teases New Project

February 11th, 2013

LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule has a page labelled “?” in the Games section of its website, which plays Toyah’s ‘It’s A Mystery’ when accessed.

This is now being reported on games websites and forums all over the internet, including Game Informer: There’s A Media Molecule Mystery Afoot, Only SP: Media Molecule Teasing Unannounced Title, VG24/7: Media Molecule website teases secret new project.

• Visit the Media Molecule ‘Mystery’ page, and the LittleBigPlanet website.