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Marigolds: Short Film featuring ‘Quicksilver’

February 15th, 2011

Marigolds, the “unsettling” short film by Stephanie Zari, has received screenings at numerous film festivals through 2010 and continuing into 2011. It was recently shown at the London Short Film Festival 2011 and Brittspotting, Berlin 2011, and will be screened at L.A. International Women’s Film Festival, 2011 next month.

The beautifully atmospheric ‘Quicksilver’ by The Humans features in Marigolds, which is now available to view online at the BBC Film Network website. reviewed Marigolds at the London Short Film Festival:

Finally, the sobering effect of the ‘Family Affairs’ bill came as a perfect piece of timing on Sunday 9. The screening opened with the Freudian pastiche, Marigolds, by Stephanie Zari. Unfortunately for the rest, its originality, density and slow reveal managed to transcend the rest of the collection.

Marigolds stares at the complex sadness of an unappreciated housewife. The female lead, Susannah, captures the feel of the film single-handed; her life’s troubles etched into every line and wrinkle on her face. We see her snap off the Marigold gloves, rinse the dust from her hair and scrape on ageing mascara as she awaits her son’s arrival. When he finally does, an Oedopian undertone rears its creepy head. This deviant story, set in such a painfully normal environment, makes for one beautifully disturbing film.