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Toyah on TV: Rajan And His Evil Hypnotists

April 12th, 2012

The, vaguely strange, tv programme Toyah guested in back in December 2005 on E4, Rajan And His Evil Hypnotists, is repeated later this month for the first time in over six years.

Toyah is interviewed by someone who seems to think they are hypnotised, resulting in an amusing discussion. She has no idea the “interviewer” is hypnotised. Post interview, Toyah says: “I’ve just been interviewed by someone who didn’t seem to be completely giving me their attention.”

Rajan And His Evil Hypnotists: 4Music
Wed 25th April: 11.35pm/Mon 30th April : 11pm

Rajan and his evil team make a grown man petrified of Santa Claus, while 80s pop star Toyah has a most unusual chat show experience – with no idea that her host is a hypnotised member of the public. Other trance subjects drink vinegar, pour ice down their trousers, arrest the over-60s for underage drinking, and regress to being a three-year-old child in a supermarket.

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