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Toyah on TV: Living With The Dead

July 23rd, 2013

The special Toyah celebrity edition of Living With The Dead is being repeated in early August on UK television for the first time since it originally aired in June 2008.

Toyah was interviewed by ‘Digital Spy’ at the time:
Have you always believed in the paranormal?  “I believe in the paranormal and I accept it but I don’t change my life around it. I’m not an avid follower, as it were. I am open-minded.”

Living With The Dead: Sky Livingit: Sunday 4th August: 11pm
Toyah Willcox, Pershore, Worcs (Celeb Special). Singer Toyah Willcox invites the Living with the Dead experts to her hometown nearby Pershore Abbey to exorcise paranormal activity connected to 15th-century criminal monks. Also airing on Sky Livingit +1.

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