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Toyah on Christmas TV: 100 Greatest Christmas Moments

December 4th, 2012

The 100 Greatest Christmas Moments has aired each & every festive season since it was first recorded in 2004. This year is, again, no exception.

Toyah reminisces about Pop Goes Christmas from 1982: “Pop Goes Christmas was a Christmas special with all the favourite, current, pop artists. And they are such homely pop artists. You’ve got Shakin’ Stevens. There’s David Essex… Why they had me I really do not know. I come out like a little gremlin, who just suddenly appears, looks like no one else… Black contact lenses, that are larger than my pupils, so I look like I’m on speed! Everyone on the show got to do two songs. Everyone got to perform their current hit and then chose a Christmas song to do.”

A clip of Toyah’s ‘I Believe In Father Christmas’ performance from Pop Goes Christmas is shown.

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Jimmy Carr reveals the greatest Christmas moments of all time. From when George Bailey’s guardian angel earns his wings in It’s a Wonderful Life to Dawn and Tim’s long-awaited kiss under the mistletoe in The Office, this programme counts down the 100 festive moments that remain indelibly stuck in the nation’s memories