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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

January 27th, 2013

The Toyah Top 50 (Unofficial): In 2008 Toyah’s Official Website published the Toyah Top 50 to mark Toyah’s 50th birthday (view those results here). Five years later, just for fun and completely unofficial, Larwi and James at Facebook are doing something similar. Click here for more info and to take part. (Thanks to James Armstrong & Lärwi)

Texas Toyah Potatoes!: Toyah’s been unpacking and tweeted a great photo from her travels yesterday: “Finally unpacking from changeling tour & found this TOYAH POTATO sack from texas!!!!! Excellent!” (PS. How cute is WilyFred the rabbit?)

25th Anniversary Gig: 10 years ago Toyah played an amazing concert at the Mean Fiddler, London in celebration of 25 years of being a live performer. I’d thought no footage from this had ever been made available. Until yesterday when Damon posted this. No sound and only 21 seconds but still great to see even a teeny weeny bit of film from that fantastic night. (Thanks to Damon King)

25th Anniversary Gig: View tons of info on this, now legendary, gig at Dreamscape’s mini-site.