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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

June 10th, 2013

Deep Space Works: PJ Crook: Art galleries and private collections worldwide exhibit the paintings of PJ Crook. There is a series of work that has been used for the album covers for the band King Crimson and many from the music world namely Robert Fripp, Toyah Willcox, Peter Gabriel, Billy Joel, and Holly Johnson collect her work.

Vintage TV: The music channel is helping support Toyah’s forthcoming ‘Love Is the Law & More’ Tour by including a report and the dates, along with a recent live photo, at their website.

King’s Heath Walk of Fame: Laying Toyah’s Star: The video of the story of Toyah’s star has been reposted at ‘You Tube’. Watch here. (Thanks to Bob Prew)

Fandor: Punk Films, Revisited: Famed British Derek Jarman found a muse in the music when he directed his second feature Jubilee, a denatured fantasy about Queen Elizabeth I being transported to an apocalyptic future.

Quadrophenia: Not only are Toyah and Robert on Australian TV this week in Love & Marriage (see below) but Quadrophenia also aired “Down Under” last night on ABC. More info from Guide TV. (Thanks to Richard Featherstone)

Live 2013: Toyah made her second live (music) appearance of the year on Saturday, a full band concert at the Bunn Leisure entertainment complex in Selsey, West Sussex. Toyah tweeted: “First gig of year with band 2nite. Can’t wait. It will b fun! And it will b very hot!”

Yeah Synthpop!: A couple of posts for Toyah at the synthpop page.