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Toyah Newsy Bits & Pieces!

April 20th, 2013

Heaven Is An Incubator: Found Vinyl: Toyah – Love Is The Law: Up first is the 1983 album “Love Is the Law,” from English performer Toyah.  Look at that album cover.  Seriously, look at it.  It’s got a bunch of fencers and a girl that looks like an extra from the 80’s movie “Solarbabies.”

Weston, Worle & Somerset Mercury 24: Toyah Willcox causes mayhem in Hormonal Housewives: Toyah Willcox and Julie Coombe are back on stage causing mayhem as the irrepressible Hormonal Housewives.

Justin Moorhouse: Toyah’s recent interview, which aired on BBC Radio Manchester, is now available to listen to at Audio Boo.

Staffs Live: Hormonal Housewives returning to Lichfield: The Hormonal Housewives are returning to the Lichfield Garrick. Their new show, starring Toyah Willcox alongside Julie Coombe, will take a look at what really makes the modern housewife tick.