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March 13th, 2013

• Unless there’s something we aren’t privvy to yet it looks like yesterday’s Evening Standard got a little confused. I think we can categorically confirm that Rizzle Kicks are not, and never have been, Toyah’s band :) Click on the clipping to zoom. (Thanks to Larwi)

• This did cause much merriment last night on Twitter. One tweet in particular I did find slightly amusing: “Whilst stuck on the m’way all night, Cheryl Baker, Toyah and Rizzlekicks have formed a 2 girl 2 boy band. Bucks Fizzlekicks“.

• You are probably all very bored with hearing/reading about the weather/traffic by now, but here are just a few more reports anyway (when did Dreamscape ever subscribe to the “less is more” notion?): Celebrity Hollywood Gossip: Toyah Willcox Among Stars Caught Up In Snow Hell, another article from the Mirror: Going Snowhere: Pop stars Rizzle Kicks, Cheryl Baker and Toyah Willcox among hundreds stranded in cars overnight, Scotsman: Cold Snap To Last Most Of Week: Toyah Willcox and hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks also posted details of their battles through snow-covered roads.

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