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Toyah News Briefs

April 10th, 2012

• There’s an excellent selection of screen caps from Tomorrow Calling, the 1993 short film Toyah appeared in, at ‘William Gibson aleph’. Tomorrow Calling aired on Channel 4, premiering in December 1994 (part of the ‘Short & Curlies’ season), and was also presented at the British Film Festival in October 1996. View here. Take a look here too :)

• Lärwi, of The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive, has created an audio/slide video for Andi Fragg’s version of ‘Wow’. View here.

• Toyah is mentioned in the ‘Scotsman’ obituary of Andrew Currie who passed away on 28th March: In the 1990s one of his visitors was the singer Toyah Willcox who, as part of a television series, made a trip to Skye to see eagles and talk to Currie, the local expert on the subject.

• Toyah is namecked in this ‘Herts & Essex Observer’ news article on Hazel O’Connor.

• A couple of great Toyah photos (including one of Andi’s Toyah wallpapers, which seem to pop up all over the internet) in the “Make Up” gallery at ‘Pinterest’. View here.

• Rainbow Messengers: It’s A Mystery, It’s A Mystery… View here.