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Toyah News Briefs

July 8th, 2012

• The 8 – 21 July 1982 issue of Smash Hits has been added to Like Punk Never Happened. No major Toyah content but there is a Bitz! news article on the release of the Maneaters’ ‘Nine to Five’ 7″ single (something Toyah or Adam Ant weren’t very happy about at the time).

• A couple of interesting tv related Toyah tweets this week: “Meeting head of Vintage TV 2 discuss poss series.” and “I’ve had the most bizarre tv offer of my life. If it happens it will make headlines!“.

• Lärwi, of ‘The Toyah Willcox Interview Archive’, has started a new You Tube channel dedicated to All Toyah, and following on from the recent ‘Radio Chorley’ addition to the Archive, Lärwi has also added the full transcript of the ‘BBC Radio Leicester’ Tony Wadsworth Show interview.

• The SAS Band (Spike’s All Star) have launched a re-designed website. Toyah has guested with the band in concert a number of times and is included on the “Artists” page.

• Return later today for some Toyah goodies: I’ll be adding the four-page Smirnoff feature from 1980, a couple more rare Toyah photos plus another very rare interview, this one from 1982!

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