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Toyah News Briefs

May 8th, 2012

• The complete issue three of Grinding Halt fanzine has been made available online at the fanzine’s Facebook page. This includes great retro Toyah content: a review of a gig from the ‘Bird in Flight’ tour, at Bulmerche College, Reading, plus an interesting interview with Toyah. She talks about meeting Joel, forming the band and a lot more. This issue dates from February 1980.

• Toyah, Shaun Williamson, Bradley Walsh, John Altman, Richard Digance, Bobby Davro, Jim Davidson and numerous others, including 10 panto dames and circus performers, paid tribute to the late Dave Lee at The Marlowe Theatre on Sunday night in a celebration of his life and career. The comedy gala raised money for Dave’s Happy Holidays charity.

The Blitz Kids: Toyah by Richard Sharah: “I look like a bushbaby!”. View another shot from this 1981 photo session here.

• The Toyah Timeline has been rebooted. A visual reference guide to Toyah’s career. Not everything, as that would take until the end of time, but all the key moments: music releases, tours, theatre, television, film, books…

• A trio of ‘The Changeling Resurrection II’ dates, for Manchester, London and Newcastle in October, were included in “Today’s Top Tour Announcements” in The Guardian last Thursday.

• I feel like I’ve been moaning a lot recently (not like me atall lol), sorry! One last word: There are a zillion and one fan websites populating the internet. The www would be a dull place without them. Some of these offer tittle-tattle and intrusion into an artist’s private life, and some offer relatively intelligent, respectful career coverage in appreciation of a band, artist or actor’s work… I’d rather chuck, Quadrophenia style, my computer off a cliff (He runs to the water’s edge…) than be thought of as the former!

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