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Toyah @ Christmas: Open House 2002 (2 Days To Go)

December 23rd, 2014

christmas14fChristmas 2002, Toyah guested on Gloria Hunniford’s Open House on Channel 5. This was a panto special with Toyah in full costume, she talked about her panto for that year, Aladdin at The Anvil in Basingstoke, Calamity Jane and more.

A singer, actress, and presenter who has brought punk to panto, Toyah Willcox…

Gloria: You’ve lost so much weight!

Toyah: I’ve been touring Calamity Jane for months. It’s made me lean and mean!


Christopher Biggins: Her muscles are incredible

Toyah: I have to swing from rafters and I’m thrown everywhere. It’s good. And that’s just in my dressing room!

Gloria: It seems odd that someone who was always very different…panto seems to be almost tame.

Toyah: You think it’s tame to dress like a boy twice a day, go onstage and pretend to be male, and marry a woman at the end of the show? I think it’s the best thing anyone could ever do! I know what you’re saying. I don’t think I would ever have dreamt 20 years ago that I would have done panto. Now that I’ve done it for 10 years I’m passionately in love with it.

• Read a full transcript of Toyah’s interview here, and view larger versions of the screen caps here.