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Toyah @ Blackpool Pride 2012

June 10th, 2012

• Toyah’s set list at Blackpool Pride: Echo Beach, Thunder In The Mountains, It’s A Mystery, Rebel Yell, I Want To Be Free, I Love Rock’n Roll (Thanks to Glyn Whelan)

• Boyband ReConnected tweeted a photo yesterday, “backstage with Toyah”, from Blackpool. View a larger version here. (Thanks to birthday boy Andrew York – Happy Birthday Andrew!)

• Toyah also tweeted a photo of herself and Hazel Dean: “hazel dean and I are getting the party started …….tee hee“. View the photo.

• Toyah tweeted a number of other messages about being in Blackpool, and playing Blackpool Pride, over the last couple of days, including: “Blackpool pride was joyous! Rain finally stopped“. View them all at Toyah’s Twitter.