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Times & Star: Toyah Chills At Club Ice

June 1st, 2012

Welcome to June! It begins with a new Toyah interview, published yesterday, by the ‘Times & Star’.

Toyah Willcox backstage cuts quite a different figure from the rebellious punk musician of the 1980s.

Relaxing before her performance at Workington’s Decades Festival, she is down-to-earth and happy to chat.

“Everyone here is chilled out in a way I am not used to,” she says, “If you work in London everyone is wound up and tense. Earlier a man asked for my picture and held my bum. I thought ‘this is like a different world’.

“It’s a happy atmosphere. It’s nice to see people relaxing. I live in Worcester and people there don’t seem very relaxed. That says something about the quality of life here.”

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