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The Humans Live 2010 – Stephen Bennett Review

March 2nd, 2010

A huge thank you to Stephen for his review of The Humans at The Scala, and for the photos also:

On arrival at the Scala the signs of Mr Fripp’s well known intolerance for illegal recording, were noticeable in the form of a large number of hand printed poster notices from ‘The Humans’ stating that “no unauthorised photography or recording of any kind would be permitted or you will be asked to leave”. Harsh perhaps? But frankly refreshing to be at a gig again without being confronted by a sea of mobile phone screens shining back at you and distracting from the act in hand. The act in this case being Toyah, Bill Reiflin, Chris Wong and ‘Mr Willcox’ as the guest man at the back.

After a no doubt talented, but rather middle-of-road support artist, Robert commenced the proceedings solo with one of his trademark soundscapes. I have personally always found watching RF perform to feel slightly voyeuristic and at times the hushed reverence can be uncomfortable (maybe a “good evening” would help ease the audience in). However he is always impressive whether you are a fan or not, and at times I was wondering how such sounds could be coming from a mere guitar. During the piece, as reported, a shout of ‘Cmon Toyah’ could be heard, presumably from someone imagining the opening bars of Good Morning Universe would perhaps be next – erm, nope.

Please click here, or above, for the full review and larger versions of the pictures.

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