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The Humans… At Work & Play!

March 18th, 2012

Toyah has been tweeting, over the last few days, about The Humans.

Bill Rieflin has recently arrived in the UK, and inbetween writing songs for The Humans’ third album (referred to as Humans 3 by Toyah) a number of practical jokes have been played on Bill. Most consisting of various objects being placed on his bed.

So far the tally is: A whole pineapple, followed by a hoover, then it was Willyfred the rabbit and a roll of gaffer tape. Bill also had two tangerines and a banana put in his shoes :)

Toyah also tweeted on 16th March: “Humans wrote 5 great song ideas y”day. We are on a roll.” and today: “The Humans have written 17 ideas in three days! Just going over them with fine tooth comb.”

From ‘Sugar Rush: The Humans Fan Page’: Bill Rieflin has co-produced the single “Crush Vaccine” by Atomic Bride, a band from Seattle, with a new album out 23rd May called “Dead Air”.

• Visit ‘The Humans Official’ here, and the ‘Sugar Rush’ fansite here.

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