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The Humans… Are Coming!

June 2nd, 2007

[ Bill Rieflin & Toyah ]

THE HUMANS is a project that fills my heart with light and happiness. The story behind this is the Estonian Embassy asked myself, the hubby, and Bill Reiflin to do a concert in Estonia around November, of course Robert said No…why say YES when a word like NO is so easy to say. BUT Bill and I said YES! And thus we became THE HUMANS.” That’s what Toyah said about The Humans in her May 2007 Webletter. It looks like we are going to be hearing a lot about them over the coming months!

There are already Autumn 2007 dates booked in Estonia with the American/German band, Tuner:

Thursday 25th Oct 2007, 8.00pm: Tallinn, Estonia  Friday 26th Oct 2007, 8.00pm: Tartu, Estonia  Saturday 27th Oct 2007, 8.00pm: Viljandi, Estonia

More info when it becomes available. I’d also keep an eye on Toyah’s Official MySpace too ;)

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