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The Humans: A Brief History

March 23rd, 2009

“THE HUMANS is a project that fills my heart with light and happiness. The story behind this is the Estonian Embassy asked myself, the hubby, and Bill Reiflin to do a concert in Estonia around November, of course Robert said No…why say YES when a word like NO is so easy to say. BUT Bill and I said YES! And thus we became THE HUMANS.”

That’s what Toyah said about The Humans in her May 2007 Webletter/Blog.

Three samples of songs; ‘We Are The Humans’, ‘This Belongs To You’ and ‘This Is Your Life’ were made available at The Humans MySpace when it launched in June 2007.

Exclusive photos of Toyah and Bill Rieflin were also added to MySpace and later further images included Chris Wong, who became The Humans’ third member.

In September 2007 a Dean Stockings video was produced for the song ‘We Are The Humans’, featuring footage of the band rehearsing. The album, ‘We Are The Humans’, was recorded in Seattle, USA.

So far The Humans have played three live gigs; 25th October, Tallin, 26th October, Tartu, and 27th October, Viljandi. All in 2007 and all in Estonia. A fourth concert, the ‘We Are The Humans’ album launch, takes place on 1st May, once again in Estonia.

This concert is special for a number of reasons; it’s the launch of a much-anticipated album, Robert Fripp will be supporting The Humans, as well as guesting in their set, the gig will be recorded for a possible live release, and the President of Estonia will be in attendance as part of the Anniversary of Estonia Independence.

THE HUMANS… Are Here! 

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