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Tasty Fanzine – We Are The Humans Review

February 25th, 2010

Yet another glowing review for ‘We Are The Humans’. This one from ‘Tasty Fanzine’;

The Humans – ‘We Are The Humans’
If anyone ever asks me what my favourite King Crimson album is, I can answer without blinking that 1971’s ‘Islands’ is probably the group at the actual peak of their abilities. Robert Fripp is involved in ‘We Are The Humans’ at varying points. Toyah, for those of you born in the 80s, was a bit of a star around the beginning of that decade. If anyone asks me what my favourite Toyah song is, I might scratch and frown while comparing ‘I Want To Be Free’ and ‘Ieya’. ‘We Are The Humans’ is very much Toyah’s own album, and Bill Reeflin from REM plays bass and all sorts of other things. Toyah and Robert Fripp are married, and The Humans are inexplicably big in Estonia, where they can include the Estonian President and Justice Minister (these aren’t the same person) as committed fans (says the press blurb). Getting all of this?

Toyah, I am pleased to inform the Tasty readership has, after 25 years, still got it. In buckets. ‘We Are The Humans’ could’ve been released in 1983 to acclaim from her then legions of adoring fans, although it certainly sounds an altogether harder edged proposition than the girly synth punk Toyah was then known for. The combination of vocal aptitude and tunes that had me imagining a bluesier Scritti Politti make for an as ever challenging performance from the original diminutive ginger topped pop pixie, and I only want to ask, do the Humans perform ‘Good Morning Universe’ as an encore? I’m sure they could. [Review by JG]

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