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Sunday Post: Toyah Interview

January 25th, 2015

sundaypost15aA new interview with Toyah, published in today’s Sunday Post.

Toyah says It’s A Mystery where all her money went

Pop star Toyah has revealed she was banned from eating to preserve her image in her 80s heyday.

And the singer, who stars at this year’s Rewind Scotland Festival at Scone says she was paid a weekly allowance of just a fraction of the money her records made.

“There were no excesses back then,” Toyah said. “We were on £30 a week. I was weighed once a week and if I went over, even by an ounce, seven stone three pounds, I wasn’t allowed to eat. You read about rock stars with their private jets but we just weren’t allowed that. Everything was done on a budget. Whoever was living that lifestyle wasn’t near us.”

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