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Phil Jupitus Instagram: Three Post-Punk Women

October 5th, 2023

A quirky update, from Phil Jupitus’ Instagram, and Official Toyah even replies!

These three women were key to the post punk era in music. All innovators in their spheres. And all still gigging.

(Toyah Willcox once sang ‘Secret Love’ from ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ to me. I remember a skinhead girl shouting for ‘Say When’ at The Lyceum and Lene looking down and saying quite sternly “Not yet.” Chrissie Hynde was on the pop quiz and was utterly delightful. The Pretenders debut album is one of those where I can’t dip in and out. It has to be the whole thing beginning to end. I would love to see her singing ‘Precious’ live, just once.)

Thanks Phil! ❤️🔥 (Secret Love is from Calamity Jane) 😘 x (reply from Toyah!)