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April 6th, 2012

Toyah is included in today’s ‘My Virgin Money Magazine’ feature “How childhood shapes our attitudes to money”.

It’s generally recognised that the way we manage our money throughout adulthood is influenced by our experiences of it when we’re growing up.

Mark Anstead spoke to some well-known people to discover the extent of this lasting impact, whether good or bad – from learning how to save as well as spend to preferring to buy second-hand, from learning how to prioritise to not relying on credit.

Toyah Willcox, actress
Initially my childhood was very affluent. Then, when I was seven years old, my father was hit badly by a slump in the stock market and he lost everything. It affected me by contributing to my strong drive to be financially secure and independent, but I’m also incredibly cautious with money because I’ve seen how easily you can lose it. Back then stocks and shares were phenomenally successful, but he didn’t spread his investments and I have learned from that.

• Read the full article, at ‘My Virgin Money Magazine’, here.

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