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Jelly: Passionate Tunes with Sinister Undertones…

June 22nd, 2012

with a pop punk sensibility infused with a hint of the troubador.

A one off advertisment from Switzerland, fused with a once only look at the classified ads….

The synchronicity of these events put our hero`s Mickey Howard, Stevie Bray and Vera Wild into the same frame for the first time.. All from ex name bands and all hungry to get playing live,

As players they gelled well, already having more than an albums worth of material written, they looked forward to getting the band together and seeing the songs come to life…

Jelly are: Stevie Bray, Mickey Howard, Vera Wild and Martin Drees. Their influences include: Bowie, Ian Hunter, Neil Young,  Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Lords of the New Church, Kinks, Small Faces, Beatles, Buzzcocks, Led Zeppelin and Django Reinhardt.

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