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It’s Humans Nature!

February 12th, 2010

February is all about The Humans; With the gigs in Leamington Spa, Cambridge and London just over a week away, as well as the Haiti Earthquake Fundraiser. Now is as good a time as any for a recap of some of the positive reviews ‘We Are The Humans’ has garnered over the last nine months.

The album itself is a startling work. Startlingly brave and ambitious – and startlingly different from the general public perception of what a Toyah album is, despite her own creatively diverse body of work since the ‘glory’ days of the early ‘80s. Spacerock

Remember the way Bowie deconstructed pop in Low and Lodger? Toyah pulls off the same trick, only more so. Sunday Mercury

Quicksilver is a genuine score, however, with Labyrinth a close contender. Both capture a genuine sense of other-ness without seeming as arch as the other tracks. Die Shellsuit Die

Toyah’s bitter-sweet, rasping vocals are always appealing. Northern Echo

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