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Isle Of Man Today: Down-To-Earth Star Toyah Shines At Concert

June 21st, 2014

iomtoday14dFor a superstar who writes songs about the universe, Toyah Willcox is surprisingly down-to-earth. Performing for the first time in the Peel Centenary Centre, and for the second time in the island, she sung her lungs out to a nearly sold out theatre.

The pyramid seating of the theatre gave everyone a wonderful view as the white backstage turned to neon green and coral pink. The lights then shifted the hue farther as the band members walked out.

They took their positions, all wearing predominantly black clothing so our star could shine: Toyah. She emerged wearing her iconic eccentricities of a kaleidoscopic T-shirt and space invader accessories. Although her outfit certainly won the prize for uniqueness, her hair no longer wins the prize of weirdest style as ‘Mr Mohican’ (as Toyah named him when he shouted out) was far more exciting.

Toyah didn’t just perform a concert, she was also a personality on the stage; she stopped in-between tracks and spoke to the crowd about what she felt when she wrote the song, or what she felt when she performed it. This was fantastic for the audience as we gained so much insight into the mind of star.

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