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Irish Daily Star: Eighties Pop Star Blasts U2

July 8th, 2015

irishds15aIt appears the Irish Daily Star have taken a quote from Toyah’s Tracks Of My Years – which aired all last week on BBC Radio Two – and blown it out of proportion to create a news story – Here it is anyway…

Eighties pop star blasts U2 for ‘manipulating fans’

Eighties pop star Toyah Willcox (57) has blasted U2 — claiming the Dublin band are using social media to manipulate fans in a bid to keep their career going.

The singer is married to prog rock legend Robert Fripp, best known for being a member of King Crimson and releasing a series of albums with former U2 producer Brian Eno.

Willcox made the comments on BBC Radio 2 when, ironically, she selected the band’s 1987 hit Where The Streets Have No Name, as one of her all-time favourite songs.

“What fascinates me about U2 is the curve of their career. I love all their early stuff.

“And I worked with Steve Lillywhite, he produced an album I did called Changeling, which has been cited as the beginning of the Goth movement,” said Toyah whose 80s hits include I Want To Be Free, It’s A Mystery and Thunder In The Mountains.

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