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Herb Schulz, Capturing The New Romantics

August 22nd, 2012

‘Herb Schulz, Capturing The New Romantics’, by Herb Schulz & Timothy Nies, is available to buy as a digital photo book for the bargainesque £4.99/$6.99. Featuring stunning photos of Toyah, Siouxsie, Steve Strange, Boy George, Marilyn and many others. View more info at Facebook and buy the iBook at iTunes. (Thanks to Andi | Photos © Herb Schulz))

The New Romantic movement was an explosion of style, styling, androgyny and fashion. Formed in London in the late 1970s it was as a defiant answer to punk. It represented a flirtation with artifice and beauty through a new form of music, fashion and performance. ‘The Blitz Club’ became the London stage on which certain members of the scene played.