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Hemel Today: First Three Chilfest Acts Announced

November 17th, 2013


‘Chilfest’ announced the first three music acts, one of which being Toyah, for their 2014 festival taking place in July. Hemel Today reported the news on Friday.

First three acts to perform at next year’s Chilfest music festival are announced

The first three acts at next year’s Chilfest have been confirmed as post-punk comedy vaudevillians Bad Manners, It’s a Mystery singer Toyah Willcox and Scottish rock band Big Country.

The two-day music festival was staged for the first time in Tring in the summer, and attracted big names ranging from teen pop sensations Little Mix to Spandau Ballet crooner Tony Hadley. Organiser Steve Butcher said the 2014 event may go on for three days, but the location has yet to be decided.

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